Thursday, June 28, 2007

National STRAIT-LACED & LOOSE WOMEN WEEK- 15% Off Storewide Sale!

To celebrate this auspicious occas


& Loose Women


Friday, June 29-Monday, July 2!!!


ion, we are offering
15% Off every item

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THIS WEEKEND ONLY- ending midnight (CST) July 2,
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Choose which kind of woman you are:

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***We did not make this up... It is really listed as a holiday!

National Strait-Laced & Loose Women Week celebrates the personally unique morality in ALL of us!!!

We can find no specific info as to how this holiday began...
However, it pops up in all weird holiday searches.

The term "loose woman," for example, referred to a female who did not wear a corset or wore it loosely enough that she could remove it at a moment's notice. The respectable girls were "tight-laced" or "strait-laced."
In the periods when corsets were worn, clothes were generally revealing (not that they showed a lot of flesh, but they certainly suggested it) and made subtle enhancement necessary. The 1500s robe, the 18th Century gown, the Victorian cuirasse, all revealed the underlying shape and had other 'display features' - not to mention the notorious effects of windy weather on a crinoline. This overt sexuality was incongruous, since the clothing itself was not easily removed. To go unlaced was to invite shame; hence the opposites 'straight-laced' and 'loose' women. It would, of course, be unwise for a prostitute to make herself too inaccessible.

Through cycling, doctors discover exercise is healthful, even for women! The bicycle caused the death of the corset and "straight laced" women, leaving only "loose" women, if you could catch them! Women's Suffrage Movement leader, Susan B. Anthony, stated that the bicycle "has done more to emancipate women that anything else in the world."

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